Studio Jan Jeltes
Photographic Studio
Contact : Mr Jan Jeltes PO Box 611 Blackwood  SA  5051 Australia or email us 
Commercial opportunities
On occasions I will collaborate with like minded individuals and organisations for the exclusive benefit of my clients Although my client database is locked (not negotiable) to anyone but myself , where clear benefits exist to my clients I am keen ensure that the full benefit of any decent offer is publicised to my customers via our own network I do not endorse fashion styles , undergarments or sleepwear , make-up , skin care , shampoo , conditioner , or other beauty products as we produce our own This decision to deeply differentiate our products and services from others underpins the decision not to offer our products or services on a commercial scale , but rather to offer them to a highly select group of women who will extract real underlying value and true enjoyment from them J.  
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